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48 hours with Tori Tsui

48 hours with Tori Tsui

Video: Prunelle Mathet
Editing: João Lopez

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“48 Hours with” is an original Imagine5 series which offers a glimpse into the work and lives of activists, entrepreneurs, creatives and individuals making a meaningful impact in the climate space.

Imagine5 caught up with climate justice activist Tori Tsui in her current hometown of Bristol to talk about activism and how to navigate eco-anxiety in the climate crisis, which is also the focus of Tsui’s recent book, ‘It’s Not Just You’.

In the video, Tsui shares her own personal tips on finding ways to stay healthy while taking positive action. For her, activism is also about community and bonding with others. We all have something to contribute, she believes. 

“There’s a role for everyone and I guarantee that wherever you are there will be a group of conscious citizens that care just as much as you do,” she says.

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