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‘From CSRD to Green Success’

A 3-day Transformative course on ESG reporting and beyond.

Elevate CSRD reporting from burdensome compliance chore to purpose-rooted strategic transformation and help your organisation lead through impact-oriented sustainability.

A future-proof green career

In Denmark alone, it is estimated that 400.000 new jobs will be created as a direct consequence of the green transition. Coalition leaders are calling out for workers to be the change and adopt the necessary mindset and green skills to help us reach the European Green Deal targets. And these are not just engineering and electrician tasks.    

As European businesses are hit with firm sustainability demands (CSRD, CSDDD, etc), just reaching minimum requirements won’t future-proof your business. This all means that new sustainability professionals rising to the challenge are in for a riveting career at the forefront of the private sector’s response to our time’s biggest cause. 

A thriving future for all of humanity within the safe operating space of planetary boundaries.

3 days of transformation

What you can expect

Day 1


An A-Z introduction to and case study exercise of the necessary competences to manage CSRD reporting with a focus on systems thinking and sustainability data.

Day 2


Behaviour-based tools for and psychosocial barriers to relational and organisation-wide, impactful change design.

Day 3

Deliver. Then Imagine!

Case studies are presented, succeeding the forecasting on planetary boundaries, tipping points, green tech and climate change AI.

Practical information

  • Cost: 12.000 DKK
  • Type: in-person
  • Duration: 3 Days (3 successive Fridays)
  • Language: Danish


Imagine5 partners with The Danish Nature Foundation in providing course diplomas that actually make a difference in the physical world by rewilding old farmland. Apart from ready made case studies, user friendly toolkits and a supportive new network, you can add course completion to your CVs and bolster your profile as a proactive sustainability professional.

About us

Many organisations offer training for ESG compliance and reporting, but few have factored in the adjacent competences that improve  the chances of operational success. It’s easy to describe the needed change, but something else entirely to be the agent of change in literal terms. Without a systemic, behaviorally aware approach, the green overhaul simply risks friction stranding. The team behind “From CSRD to Green Success” have trained more than a thousand Danish professionals in the pitfalls and potentials of corporate sustainability and change design. By teaming up with Imagine5, the ambition has been to move beyond the known curriculum and attempt to answer “what people might really need tomorrow?”.

Who we are

Daniel Flendt Dreesen

Data and sustainability specialist with experience from National Aquarium Denmark, award-winning AI startup Corti, and former head of international climate action tank, Imagine Tomorrow.

Lasse Due Andersen

Behavioural specialist with management experience that has seen him recruit more than 3000 talents at National Aquarium Denmark, Tivoli, Baresso Coffee and Espresso House.

When can I join?

11th, 25th of October and 1st of November
Vesterbrogade 80B, 1620 Copenhagen

Class 1, 2024

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Fall classes to be announced.