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Imagine it’s happening



What if sustainable change is already underway? 

It may be hard to believe with all that doom dominating the news – but look beyond the headlines and you’ll see that change is happening. 

You’ll see people out there seeding scalable solutions and bold ideas.

Now imagine all of that promise spreading and gathering momentum until it catches on big-time: so cool it’s contagious.

That’s what Imagine5 is all about. Inspiring the many and using our communal power to supercharge the change that’s already all around us. 


Through stories of positive change you can’t wait to tell people about, events worth bringing friends to, a community abuzz with enterprise and a hive of impact initiatives we’re proud to support in their amazing work. In short: by connecting people, ideas and purpose to become planet-proof.

So join us and start spreading the word like the future depends on it, which it actually does. So follow us forward and imagine the world of difference we can make. Together. For real.

Where imagination drives change, you will find Imagine5. And you’re invited in on the action.


It’s happening.

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