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A little bit about Imagine5

Through optimistic and impactful storytelling we inspire and empower people to live sustainably. We do this through our annual magazine,, our social channels and our podcast as well as through lots of partnerships with change makers in the sustainability space (eg. MDE, David Byrne, Aditi Meyer, Pattie Gonia, Lauren Bash, Max La Mana, Leah Thomas, Nyombi Morris and many others). Have a look at our brand film to learn a bit more.

We are a tight knit team that oftentimes collaborates with gifted freelancers, ideally based in Amsterdam, Copenhagen or San Francisco on projects. We love working with people who share our values and understand the mission we have together. Therefore we are always looking to expand our freelance network for support on our mission.

Are you a freelance videographer, editor, animator, illustrator, motion or digital designer, copywriter, producer, PR specialist or conceptual creative, ideally with experience working in the climate space? Then please leave us your details, your portfolio, and your rates here. We will review your application and if relevant we will add you to our network of makers to work with.

We might not immediately respond to your application, as we are continually growing our network. We will reach out to you when we have a relevant project, we would love your specialist support on.

Thanks in advance for connecting!