Take action

Eager to take planet-positive action on climate change but not sure how? Here are some easy things you can do – today.

Save the planet one plant-based meal at a time

Following a meat-free diet is one of the best ways you can help beat climate change. But if you aren’t quite ready to hang up your carnivore hat for good, then try a flexitarian one on for size instead.

Plant-based food hacks
Dial up the dialogue

Your voice is a powerful tool. Talk to friends, relatives, neighbours. Share an article. Write a letter to that company you’d like to see do things differently. Vote for leaders who will drive action. Join forces with other voices… until you are heard.

Write a letter
Purchase consciously

The greenest purchase is the thing you choose not to buy. So, what about gifting an experience such as a gallery visit or special lunch? Repair what’s broken, and, for an instant boost to your wardrobe or interior, swapping with friends is more fun than hitting the ‘buy button’.

Discover the Buy Nothing Project
Wild your environment

Help steer Mother Nature back onto her natural course. By taking simple steps on the rewilding path, you can do your bit to protect and restore her ecosystems.

10 things you can do
Go by train instead of plane

Make your trip about the (sustainable) journey as well as the destination. A plane may get you there quicker in time, but a train guarantees a richer experience (and poorer emissions). It’s easier than you think thanks to the brilliant site below.

Get on board
Green your finances

Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, investing or putting your money to some other good use, be sure that your well-earned cash is working as hard for the environment as it is for your pocket. Does your bank or pension plan finance fossil fuels? Find out and switch to eco-friendly funds.

Find a B Corp bank
Use that food – embrace zero-waste

Transforming your unwanted or leftover food into coveted dishes is as easy as pie. So get chopping, cooking, baking, brewing, peeling and pickling, and treat your taste buds not your trash can.

Zero-waste recipes
Repair what you wear

Forget fast fashion, try fixing fashion instead. So, go ahead make your own sustainable mark on old or worn clothes and wear that repair with pride! Let’s make mending the latest trend.

Learn to mend
Recycle your own plastic

Make plastic your business in more ways than one by joining the global Precious Plastic community and learning how to use what would otherwise go to waste.

Make plastic precious
Join a conservation group

When it comes to conservation, small steps by you are giant leaps for mankind because playing as a team, our collective efforts will score a major win in the climate change challenge. Looking for a worthy cause? Pioneering primatologist and activist Jane Goodall’s foundation is a great place to start.

Get involved
Be a force for good

Step into a (business) world where three Ps (people, planet and profit) make a B. Welcome to the B Corp movement – with 5,000 organisations already leading the way, why not join?

Get on the B wagon
Climate justice
Support climate justice

There’s a new movement in town: Intersectional Environmentalism. Its aim? To introduce racial and social justice to the climate conversation. Sign up and help make the green crusade fair and inclusive.

Make the IE Pledge
Discover the true eco-credentials of what you buy

Sustainability reporting can be one great big grey area. If you want the black-and-white lowdown on a company’s green credentials, then check out your country’s rules on greenwashing.

Read the UK’s Green Claims Code