Imagine5 is an impact nonprofit making sustainable change contagious with planet-proof ideas, solutions and stories. We aim to inspire and unite behind great ideas, through storytelling, partnerships and building an engaged community.


We tell stories

We tell powerful stories about sustainable initiatives through our website, social media and newsletter. By elevating the work of those working to make an impact, bringing awareness to environmental causes and sharing how we can come to action, we inspire and empower our community.

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We support impact initiatives

We partner with future-focused organisations working to make a positive impact on our planet. We elevate them through storytelling, financial support and more, in order to accelerate the change they’re already making.

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We build connections

We connect people, skills and resources through our community of engaged members who want to take action to make the world more sustainable. Through online/offline events and initiatives, meet other like-minded people who wish to make a positive impact on our planet.

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What is an impact non profit?

As an impact non profit, we support sustainability driven initiatives (impact) through storytelling across our website, social media channels and newsletter as well as providing grants and donations through our status as a non profit.

How are you funded?

5 is funded by our members and by an American/Dutch family of philanthropists. We do not receive payments from brands, organisations or through affiliate programmes.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to build a more sustainable future by inspiring us all to take action. We encourage and believe in the power of our imagination, of uniting behind great ideas and supporting realistic dreamers. In every feature, profile and idea we present, we invite you to imagine a better future for our planet, and ourselves.

Where are you based?

We are based in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and California.

Who is behind 5?

5 is led by a team of employees, ranging from editorial staff to marketing professionals and management. Meet the 5 team here.

What kind of initiatives do you support?

We support sustainability focused projects, initiatives and changemakers that align with our values and our focus on the environment. Read more about our partners here.

Why are you called 5?

We strive to give a high 5 to all those working to create a sustainable future. Everything we do is ultimately about supporting, uplifting and celebrating people who are doing amazing things for our planet.