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Meet the Imagine5 team

A little about who we are, what we all do, and how to reach us.


Melle Bos

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Melle leads Imagine5’s brand and marketing efforts. Based in Amsterdam, he works with the Brand & Engagement team responsible for building the Imagine5 brand and connecting to Imagine5’s audiences, through campaigns, membership and partnerships with like minded organizations and people.

He has spent a large part of his career building brands that matter to people. With advertising agencies and several brands. His position at Imagine5 gives him the opportunity to build a brand that matters to people ánd planet.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I’m transitioning more and more to a plant-based diet – and loving it! The growing number of great plant-based restaurants and menu options, cookbooks and products has made it accessible and enjoyable to contribute to a more sustainable world, without having to compromise on great taste or dining experiences.”


Justin Cadelago

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Based in San Francisco, Justin leads 5’s activities in the United States. He’s responsible for stewarding our US strategy covering storytelling, partnerships, social media, events and community.

Justin has spent his career working at the nexus of digital media, entertainment and storytelling. He brings a strong knowledge of media and culture, combined with a passion for climate solutions. He’s determined to contribute to a healthy future for humanity and the planet, by being part of something bigger than himself.

Outside of work, Justin loves running in the mountains, and is building up to his first ultramarathon.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I try to live a sustainable lifestyle to the best of my ability – I observe a plant-based diet, minimize consumption and live in harmony with the natural world. Progress over perfection.”


Hugh Coombs

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Based in Amsterdam, Hugh looks after 5’s social media presence, connecting with our ever-growing community and bringing them brilliant content.

Before joining 5 Hugh worked on grassroots projects that aimed to supercharge reuse and recycling. He’s proud to help 5 maximise its impact by connecting us with the biggest and most engaged community possible. Also, he stops us taking ourselves too seriously.

When not at work, Hugh can often be found updating a giant spreadsheet of every movie he’s watched or plans to watch. He’s also big into Aussie Rules Football and eats vegemite by the spoonful. Can you guess where he’s from?

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I buy either secondhand clothes or no new clothes at all. Repairing is great.”


Mie Dahlquist

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Based in Copenhagen, Mie spearheads Imagine5 on its mission to inspire and empower individuals to shape a more sustainable future.

Mie’s career journey has been defined by her dedication to unlocking the potential for transforming attitudes and behaviors, leading to tangible and impactful progress.

Before joining Imagine5, Mie spent most of her career in various leadership roles in the Danish media and fintech industry.

At the core of Mie’s passion lies a commitment to making a positive impact, driving meaningful change, and cultivating talent.

On weekends, Mie frequently immerses herself in the serene beauty of Sweden’s natural landscapes and is a devoted enthusiast of natural cold-water therapy.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

I walk or bike as my primary mode of daily transportation, prioritise secondhand purchases, and consume meat only occasionally.

VP, Business Development - US

David De Vere

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David looks after 5 Media’s partnerships in the United States.

Before joining 5 he worked for 25 years in training and certification at some of the leading tech companies in Silicon Valley, most recently Amazon Web Services.

For David, joining 5 is a new challenge and a voyage of discovery.

Based in California, he loves reading, travelling and spending time with family. He’s also obsessed with ’80s music and can name pretty much any song from the era – especially the one-hit wonders.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“We’ve replaced our dish soap, which came in big plastic bottles, with a soap bar – so there’s no plastic.”


Daniel Flendt Dreesen

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At 5, Daniel applies his deep knowledge of the climate space to research, outreach, events and writing.

Daniel is passionate about environmental justice and evidence-based impact. In the past he has served on the board of Denmark’s national aquarium, and led a climate ‘action tank’ that brought together contributors from all over the world to workshop actionable solutions. He also advises labour unions on sustainability through his own consultancy. 

Based in Copenhagen, Daniel loves football, movies and spending time in nature. He has a wealth of random trivia about marine life.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I’ve shifted away from buying meat. I won’t say no to my grandmother’s cooking, but it doesn’t feature in my kitchen.”


Nicolai Hansson

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Nicolai oversees 5’s content strategy and manages the team that produces all the content for our website, magazine and different social media platforms.

He is passionate about using the power of storytelling to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives. 

Based in Copenhagen, he previously worked in television and radio in various content creation and commissioning positions, and even hosted children’s TV shows. 

When not at work, Nicolai enjoys spending time with his family – at an old castle or other historical site if he has his way. He is known for linking conversations to song lyrics and bursting into song, a talent he says not everyone appreciates.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I don’t buy new clothes very often. I actually hate going shopping, which makes it a lot easier not to buy clothes. I’m also gradually cutting down on meat in my diet.”

Chief financial officer

Anne Dorthe Hermansen

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Anne Dorthe is responsible for finance and other operational matters at 5. Based in Copenhagen, she has experience working in startups, government ministries and as a business angel.

She is passionate about startups, friends and cold water swimming, and she tries to live by Pippi Longstocking’s mantra: “I’ve never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I vote for the greenest politicians possible, cut down on meat, fly less and use my bike whenever possible. But there’s still a lot to be done!”

Joint Editor

Anne-Marie Hoeve

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Anne-Marie is 5’s joint editor based in Amsterdam, working with the team to devise, create and curate compelling content.

She has extensive experience as a writer and editor, including many years as a freelancer. She has always been passionate about the power of stories.

Among other achievements, Anne-Marie once won a hitchhiking race by such a big margin that she got to the end before the organisers.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I’ve let go of “all-or-nothing” thinking, so now I make changes – like cutting back on meat and buying vintage – without feeling like I have to do everything at once.”

Visual director

Marta Julia Johansen

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Marta makes sure all 5’s great content has big visual impact.

Based in Copenhagen, she has worked as a graphic designer in the theatre, fashion and food industries.

She’s a team player who can be stubborn when she needs to be – ideal for a visual director. She’s determined to fight for justice and inclusivity.

Marta is passionate about family, friends, music, and great food and wine. She once ran a half marathon in 35-degree heat in the hills of Bethlehem. And she forgot to wear a cap. Let’s just say she didn’t freeze. 

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I hardly eat meat now, but I’m not 100% vegetarian. And I got my partner to cut down too which is an even bigger achievement!”

Joint Editor

Robert Langkjær-Bain

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Robert is 5’s joint editor based in Copenhagen, working with the team to produce a constant stream of fresh, exciting content for 5.

He previously worked as a writer and editor for various UK publications, and spent several years as a freelancer.

He loves trying to understand opposing viewpoints to spot what people can learn from each other.

Robert listens to a lot of music, drinks a lot of tea, and sings in a choir.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I eat way less meat than I used to. I’ve even managed to get my kids on to meat-free sausages and pate.”


Callie Mulgannon

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Callie manages 5’s social media accounts for the US region, keeping in touch with the 5 community and sharing compelling content.

Before joining 5, Callie looked after digital marketing at big and small organizations in sectors ranging from food to tech. That was until she experienced – in her words – a ‘third-of-life crisis’, packed her bags and moved to France and Italy to work on biodynamic vineyards instead. Since then she has sought out work where she can make a positive impact in the world, which is what brought her to 5.

In college Callie was a Division 1 competitive runner and still loves running around beautiful Northern California. Her one-mile record is a blistering 4:43.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“Six years ago I ate a sausage pizza for dinner. The next day I watched a documentary about the treatment of animals, and I haven’t touched red meat, pork or poultry since. I didn’t even finish the leftover pizza.”

Graphic and web designer

Rutger Roland

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Rutger works on graphic and web design for 5’s content platform, newsletter and social media activity. He sees himself as the team’s vliegende keep (that’s a rush goalie to English speakers) who does what is needed to get the job done.

Rutger previously worked as an independent graphic and web designer. He’s based near Amsterdam and loves cooking, wine, travel, board games and cheese.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I was vegetarian most of my life and started eating fish again 10 years ago… but with all the great options now available I try to minimise that.”


Jakob Sleiborg

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Jakob makes sure all 5’s output is visually compelling, on all our platforms and touchpoints.

Based in Copenhagen, he has previously worked as a freelance art director, videographer, photographer and as a creative in the advertising industry.

He sees himself as a jack of many trades, always looking to learn new things. His role at 5 allows him to get involved in photography, filmmaking, graphic design and copywriting. He also loves race biking, playing music, board games and football. And he once played a zombie in a feature film.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more planet-friendly life?

“I eat vegan at home – which is really thanks to my wife. I’ve found it hard eating less meat, but she’s made me realise the possibilities that are out there.”