The People Leading The Policymakers

The People Leading The Policymakers

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On every continent people are the driving force when confronting and addressing climate change. From agriculture to recycling to new energy or transportation alternatives, it’s civilians in the cities, villages, islands and fields who are leading the way. This is a growing, vocal movement of men, women and children from all walks of life, some at the physical frontline of the impact of rapid and devastating climate change, others armed with a growing mountain of evidence of the effect, today or tomorrow, of these changes.  These people are showing policymakers the way forward. They are achieving remarkable results, in spite of outdated rules, regulations and vested interests. We need to share their voices, build on their work and intensify our efforts if we want to seriously tackle climate change and the depletion of nature – helping to create a world where our children and grandchildren can live and breathe.

Climate change is the most pressing and truly global issue that is affecting every living creature on the planet. There are still a few deniers around, but the massive and overwhelming scientific evidence, across multiple disciplines, has established beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a phenomenon that has been drastically accelerated by humans.

At 5 we want to spotlight those at the forefront of the climate movement: the fearless pioneers who tirelessly work to change our thoughts, behaviours and public policies. In doing so, they lead the politicians, persuading and forcing them to follow suit and create a supportive environment to help these initiatives succeed. This is about our very survival, no matter where we stand or how we live. Nature is calling: we need to listen.

Here is a selection of stories that cast a light on the topic of climate change and the possibility – the necessity – of a sustainable planet.