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5Talks meets @queerbrownvegan
Isaias Hernandez

Words: Anne-Marie Hoeve

Video: Prunelle Mathet

queer brown vegan queer brown vegan
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In this episode of 5Talks, Isaias Hernandez, better known online as Queer Brown Vegan, reveals why he’s an eco-nerd, how he became an environmental educator and why he found it easy to go vegan.

As Queer Brown Vegan, Isaias Hernandez has grown an impressive online community in just a few short years for his easy-to-digest videos about everything from urban ecology to evidence-based hope. The UC Berkeley Environmental Science graduate is passionate about growing environmental literacy, with a special focus on the intersection between environmental and social justice and how BIPOC and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted by environmental issues.

“I think there’s really a momentum and craving for people wanting to learn things that they may not have been exposed to,” he says. 

It’s a momentum that has seen him invited to star in a Vogue shoot together with some of climate’s biggest champions, from musician Billie Eilish to model and activist Quannah ChasingHorse.

But for him, it’s not about being celebrated. “Every time I put my work out there… it’s for it to be yours as future knowledge-keepers in the environmental movement,” he shared in a recent post. We spoke to him at Time for Better’s Hope House at COP28 in Dubai where he was a speaker on numerous panels.

Here’s his story.

queer brown vegan

Isaias Hernandez is passionate about making environmental education accessible.

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