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Rebels With Cause:
The guerrilla gardeners planting the town green

Words: Anne-Marie Hoeve

Film: Imagine5/WaterBear

rebels with cause guerilla gardening rebels with cause guerilla gardening
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There’s a new crew of guerrilla gardeners in town. They’re eager, but ignorant. Luckily there are some veterans on hand to help them convert grey into green in this laugh-out-loud new mockumentary, Rebels With Cause.

Guerrilla gardening – it’s just about grabbing a trowel, a few seedlings and hitting the streets in a planting frenzy, right? 

Not quite. There’s actually a bit more to it than that, we find out in Rebels with Cause, a short film following a group of London rookies as they learn the ropes from the city’s own homegrown guerrilla gardener, Ellen Miles

So what is guerrilla gardening exactly? It’s where flower power meets people power. A way to boost biodiversity, grow fresh food, build community and support mental health, all while providing beauty and color. A basic understanding of what to plant and how also helps. And, as our fledgling green-fingered heroes are surprised to learn, you can forget about having to wear a balaclava – there’s actually no need to go incognito. It turns out that everyone welcomes a bit of ‘botanarchy’ to their neighborhood. 

The film is a co-production by Imagine5 and impact media platform WaterBear. Watch it here!

rebels with cause guerilla gardening

Watch these rookie guerrilla gardeners try and green the streets of London in this new mockumentary.

Guerrilla gardening toolkit

Our first toolkit, created in collaboration with guerrilla gardener and activist Ellen Miles, walks you through all the essentials. It’s also ideal for giving your own green spaces at home a lift.

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