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Feeling uncreative? Try just being bored

Johanna Kinnock and Maria Brus Pedersen invite an eclectic mix of guests to help them navigate the ins and outs of the big questions of our time. For this episode, they investigate the potential of being truly, utterly bored. Maria gives Johanna a really boring task to unlock her creative potential. They talk to Dutch journalist Olga Mecking, who has written a book on Niksen, the Dutch concept of doing nothing, and they get a hold of a really busy boredom professor.

Things to read:

The case for doing nothing, The New York Times. Read here.

How artist Edward Hopper became the poster boy of quarantine culture, Dazed. Read here.

Coronavirus lockdown: bored yet? Good you’re on the verge of a creative explosion, The Times. Read here.

Being bored can be good for you, Time. Read here.


Dolls of all colours

There is a special shop in Amsterdam that attracts many visitors, even though it is not centrally situated. You have to take a ferry to get there, but people who make the effort almost always find it worth the journey.