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Image: Jehyun Sung

Moral Leadership

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Any one of us can be a leader.

You can see this as an invitation and a challenge. Why? Because the leaders we need in our rapidly changing world are not ‘born leaders’ as we know them.

Instead, they are the people who see a gap and decide to fill it. People who rise to challenges, grab opportunities, or help others do so. In carving out new paths and inspiring others to follow, they become leaders.

And yet there is something stopping many of us from taking on this role. Maybe it’s because we don’t look like those we’ve grown up seeing in power. Or we don’t feel like we have all of the solutions. So, let’s break open our idea of what leadership can be. Let’s reset the values that we expect and the moral compass that will shape our existence, our society and our politics.

Join us in exploring a new kind of leadership as we celebrate those in search of what is right and how to move forward through conscious acts, big or small.