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Lhotse at sundown, Nepal. © Christopher Parsons

Photographers leading the way

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When you think of changemakers, the focus is not often on photographers. Yet they have a powerful ability to zoom in on issues we need to know about, engaging us on an emotional level. That is exactly what Project Pressure does, bringing together a team of highly talented photographers to cast light on one of the world’s most urgent issues to date: climate change.

Project Pressure is an ongoing international collaboration using art to inspire action and behavioural change. How? By commissioning world-renowned names such as Edward Burtynsky, Simon Norfolk and Noémi Goudal to visualise the climate crisis. The current focus is on glaciers, as powerful visual symbols of what is going on with the planet at large.

Project Pressure was initiated in 2008 by Danish photographer, filmmaker and creative director Klaus Thymann and since then has supported more than 30 expeditions around the world, creating works that together have a cumulative impact, opening our eyes to what we know but find hard to imagine.

“Project Pressure is a highly relevant collaboration between committed photographers. They strengthen each other with their different visual styles and approaches, making it artistically engaging – while also addressing climate change in a way that you can see and feel. And they execute it really well, working together with climate scientists and established institutions. It’s visually important art with activism and impact. Let’s change the scene for a better world!” says Dutch photo editor and curator Lotti Pronk. 

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