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These comic strips are here to save the planet

Words: 5

Comics: Various artists, with Rewriting Extinction

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Can comic artists help save the world’s wildlife from extinction? It’s sure worth a try.

These just might be the most important comics you’ve ever seen.

They’re part of a project called Rewriting Extinction, backed by numerous cartoonists and comic strip creators, plus big names like Cara Delevingne, Ricky Gervais, Yoko Ono and Taika Waititi. The aim? To raise awareness of climate change and mass extinction – and save as many species as possible.

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The strips will be collected in a book, The Most Important Comic Book on Earth, to be published later this year. Maybe they’ll make you laugh, maybe they’ll make you cry, maybe both at the same time. What they certainly do is prove the power of visual storytelling to inspire us to care better for our planet.

Funds from book sales and donations are going to seven conservation projects run by organisations including Greenpeace, Rewilding Europe and the World Land Trust.

Here’s 5’s selection. Scroll with the arrows, and click on images to see them full size.


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