The sea as you’ve
never seen it

The sea as you’ve
never seen it

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Photos: Delaney Allen

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Enthralled by the roiling white spray of ocean waves crashing against the shore, photographer Delaney Allen captures the full force of their tempestuous beauty – in a split-second.

Every wave is different; blink and you’ll miss it. Unless you’re photographer Delaney Allen. He makes sure he’s at the ready, camera poised to shoot the most awesome shots of liquid nature in action. Preferably in the midst of a raging storm. Or during winter king tides – extreme high tides arising from the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon.

With super-fast shutter speeds, the camera can make even the wildest water stand still, giving us a view of calm amid the chaos – a view the human eye is too slow to see.

Allen has spent the past ten years photographing ocean waves up and down the US coast, amassing hundreds of images that he hopes to publish in a book. Where does his endless fascination come from?

“I’m drawn to the idea that each wave is individual and will never be repeated again. As someone who grew up land-locked and had spent little time with the water, I’m surprised by the force the ocean can display. I never take it for granted.”

About the photographer

Delaney Allen is an American photographer based in Oregon with a special interest in landscapes. His work has been published both nationally and internationally.

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