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5’s photo contest: Finalists revealed

5’s photo contest: Finalists revealed

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10 photographers have made it to the final of 5’s Everyday Changemaker Photo Contest. Who will take the two €2500 prizes? See a selection of the photos here and find out how to vote.

The finalists in 5’s Everyday Changemaker Photo Contest have been announced.

The 10 photographs tell stories of activists, artists, community figures, schoolkids, workers and everyday people overcoming challenges in their lives.

Two sets of five finalists were selected for two prizes: the 5 Jury Prize and the 5 Community Prize. You can see all the finalists on the competition page.

The judges said: “The entries we received were very much a combination of outstanding portraits and impressive stories. The photos chosen as finalists represent active changemakers, urgent issues and personal stories which make a larger statement.”

Misha Vallejo Prut photographed community leader Patricia Gualinga.

Misha Vallejo Prut took this atmospheric portrait of Patricia Gualinga, which has been chosen as one of the finalists for the 5 Jury Prize. Patricia is a leader of the indigenous Kichwa community in the Amazon, who campaigns for the protection of the rainforest and the community’s lands. She has been involved in a long fight with the government of Ecuador to keep oil companies out of the rainforest.

Patricia believes protecting the Amazon is crucial not only for the survival of indigenous people, but for the survival of humanity. Today the community focuses on online activism to gain worldwide support for their cause.

Misha is an Ecuadorian photographer who has documented the lives of the Kichwa people. “Patricia’s leadership and changemaking philosophy has been fundamental,” he says.

Sanne de Wilde photographed Coco, creator of The Albimazing Network.

Belgian photographer Sanne de Wilde is also a finalist, with her photograph of Coco. Coco has albinism, and is the creator of the Albimazing Network, a space for people with albinism to connect and share their stories.

Sanne, who specialises in how genetic conditions affect people’s lives, describes Coco as “a colourful person, a gentle soul, a true entrepreneur with vision to inspire a change in perception, narrative and positive representation. She masters the art of helping others shine by shining bright herself.”

Maysa Leite photographed her mother and sister.

Maysa Leite has also made it to the final with this photograph of two members of her family. She describes family as: “our first social institution, the reason that makes us get up and want to be better every day. It’s as if it were part of our air or a supporting pillar.”

Annabel Oosteweeghel and Greg Gulbransen are also finalists for the 5 Jury Prize. The winner will receive €2500.

Meanwhile Instagram users have been voting for their favourite entries, and the top five have been selected as finalists for the 5 Community Prize, also worth €2500.

Vitalik Denys photographed Arnetta who has battled depression.

Among the finalists for the 5 Community Prize is Vitalik Denys’s photograph of 20-year-old Arnetta from Lviv, Ukraine, who suffered from depression when she “lost a connection with her friends and a person she loved”. Vitalik says the photo captures “the moment when depression knocks on the door”.

He encourages us to take depression more seriously, saying that the problem is often underestimated and “considered as something that passes quickly. But this is a deep emotional stress, that brings about immense consequences. It’s not easy to fix the emotional cracks in our life, it can last forever.“

“I admire the will of Arnetta and her capacity to fight the depression,” says Vitalik. “This is what inspires me a lot, it gives me hope.”

Salaheddine El Bouaaichi photographed Salma Hajjam, who has vitiligo.

Salaheddine El Bouaaichi is also a finalist, with her photo of Salma Hajjam, who was diagnosed five years ago with the skin condition vitiligo, and has had to learn to live with the gradual loss of skin pigmentation. Salma says: “Watching my skin colour changing over the years wasn’t easy, waking up with new patches was so frustrating. Even looking at the mirror was a big daily challenge. But once I learned how to accept, love and embrace myself, I have found the joy of living again.”

The other finalists for the 5 Community Prize are Charaf Lahib, Aman Alam and Laila Affane.

You can see all the entries and vote for a winner here. You have until November 29th to vote, and winners will be announced on December 8th.

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