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Where the flowers grow

Documentary by Imagine5/WaterBear/Monarca

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Fresh flowers add instant colour and cheer. It’s no wonder that when there’s something to celebrate, they are our go-to gift. But what’s being done about their environmental impact? We go straight to the source in the short documentary: Where the flowers grow. 

So where, exactly, do the flowers grow? If you’re buying a bunch of flowers in the US, chances are they’ve come from Colombia. Around 95% of Colombian flowers are destined for export and 80% of bouquets sold in US supermarkets come from this South American country. Even flowers that aren’t flown in from afar are often grown in heated greenhouses.

Yet, the environmental cost isn’t visible – we only see the beauty of the blooms before us. And so, in this short documentary produced by WaterBear and Imagine5, LA florist Mallory Browne heads off to Colombia to discover what’s being done on the ground to minimise the environmental impact of the flowers she works with every day, and to find out what we can all do. 

Watch the trailer here. And head to streaming platform WaterBear to watch the whole documentary, produced together with Imagine5.

Our choices matter. What can you do?

  • Ask where your flowers are from.
  • Choose local blooms, in season.
  • Buying flowers out of season? Look for a Florverde environmental certification.
  • Ask your florist how to lengthen the lifespan of your bouquet.
  • Consider buying flowering plants, which last much longer. Or dried flowers!

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