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Watch: The women at the forefront of conservation

Video clips and stills courtesy of Wild Elements

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Meet the scientists, community leaders and innovators helping conserve nature and wildlife, in this new film series from WaterBear.

A new short film series from WaterBear highlights the amazing women taking the lead in nature conservation.

Released for International Women’s Day, Wild Innovators consists of five short films, each focusing on women conservationists in different parts of the world, including community organisers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

One of the women featured is Resson Kantai Duff, who works to protect lions in Kenya, by educating and empowering local communities to live alongside the animals, rather than seeing them as enemies.

You can stream Wild Innovators  for free on WaterBear.

Resson Kantai Duff helps lions live safely alongside humans.

As lions run out of space to hunt, numbers in Kenya have dwindled to only 2,500. And when they can’t find prey in the wild, lions may attack livestock, exacerbating tensions with humans.

Ewaso Lions educates people on the benefits of living together with wildlife. Those who would once have tracked lions to kill them, instead use their skills to keep herders informed of their movements, so they can stay out of each others’ way. The project has also been a way to empower women, who play a big role in advocating for living alongside wildlife.

Resson says her experience has taught her that a conservationist “can be anyone”. “Reminding ourselves always that we are part of nature is critical,” she says. “If the rest of nature thrives, we as part of nature can thrive as well.”

Watch the trailer for the series.

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WaterBear is a new free streaming platform from the makers of the Oscar-winning documentary My Octopus Teacher, with hundreds of nature documentaries and short films. Stream Wild Innovators for free at the link below.

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