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5Talks meets ocean activist Bodhi Patil

Words: Anne-Marie Hoeve

Video: Prunelle Mathet

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In this episode of 5Talks, ocean activist Bodhi Patil describes the waves of change we can champion when we understand the importance of the Big Blue as a climate solution.

The ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, and Bodhi Patil has been infatuated with all of it since going freediving with his dad at the age of four.

Growing up around five oceans on five continents, he has experienced at first hand our great connection to this liquid source of life. Now as an ocean activist and educator, he continues upholding the pledge he made as a child to do all he can to protect the ocean, for “ocean health is human health,” he says.

He shares his story here.

Bodhi Patil spoke to us at Time for Better’s Hope House at COP28 in Dubai, where he was the youngest member of the Indigenous Wisdom Keeper’s delegation.

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