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5Talks meets environmental justice lawyer Victoria Whalen

Words: Anne-Marie Hoeve

Main image: Marie Jacquemin
Video: Prunelle Mathet

Victoria Whelan interview Victoria Whelan interview
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In this episode of 5Talks, environmental justice lawyer and climate communicator Victoria Whalen zooms in on people power, the need to speak up and the joy she gets from taking action and growing a movement.

Victoria Whalen has always been an environmentalist. She remembers being called a ‘treehugger’ by a classmate in third grade and wondering: “What’s wrong with that? They’re amazing – it’s nature!”

Now as an environmental justice lawyer and climate communicator with Black Girl Environmentalist, she still loves trees but is also passionate about people and their incredible power to drive change when they band together. 

It starts from the activism, it starts from speaking up,” she says.

She shares her story here.

Victoria Whelan interview

Victoria Whalen spoke to us at Time for Better’s Hope House at COP28 in Dubai, where she was a guest speaker on numerous panels.

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