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The farms anyone can be a part of

Andelsgaarde is a new regenerative farming cooperative in Denmark, that lets anyone be a part of supporting nature and fighting climate change. 

For 150 kroner a month (about €20), you can join Andelsgaarde and become a farm owner. Andelsgaarde’s farmers practice regenerative methods, without pesticides and with the establishment of forest farming, biodiversity forests and more.

Members get the chance to roll up their sleeves and help out on farms, take part in activities to conserve nature and work on building projects. Everyone from students to CEOs and pensioners to parents is getting involved.

Members pay a monthly subscription to become co-owners of Andelsgaarde’s farms. Photo: Andelsgaarde/Kompas

Founded in 2018, Andelsgaarde already has three farms and 2,000 members. Members’ fees are being saved to buy more sites in the near future.

Andelsgaarde was set up in response to the impact of traditional agriculture on the climate and biodiversity. Transforming the way we produce food is vital to securing a sustainable future, and Andelsgaarde wants to give as many people as possible the chance to be involved in that transformation.


“We want to work our way out of the climate and biodiversity crisis together, one farm at a time. It’s great to have 5 so supportive and engaged in our project”

Jacob Westergaard Madsen, Andelsgaarde

5 is working with Andelsgaarde to help bring its cooperative farming approach to a wider audience, inspiring people to get involved in regenerative agriculture and community activities.

5 Media’s Partnerships Manager Sofia Redford said: “When 5 first learned about Andelsgaarde, we were drawn to their story straight away. Andelsgaarde is all about bringing people together to help the planet – exactly the kind of activity 5 is here to support. We’re excited about helping to bring their ongoing story to more people.”

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Members have the chance to help out on farms and take part in activities. Photo: Andelsgaarde/Kompas

Become a farm owner

Visit Andelsgaarde’s website to find out more – and become a member.