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The global community joining forces for the planet


One Army is a global community uniting people from around the world to tackle environmental problems ranging from plastic pollution to throwaway fashion. Their aim? To educate, motivate, and empower people and communities with the tools needed for change.


Each One Army project has a different focus. Together they are geared towards helping more people live lives that are in balance with the environment.

Precious Plastic aims to reduce plastic waste globally by giving anyone, anywhere the ability to start their own plastic recycling workshop from scratch. Instead of worthless trash, plastic waste then becomes a valuable material that people can collect and recycle.

Fixing Fashion is committed to making repairing, caring for and upgrading our existing clothes the new fashion. With open-source mending tutorials and inspiration on how to fix our clothes to make them last longer, the project is building a community of people proudly fixing fashion together.

Project Kamp is a small community set up by One Army on land they acquired in Portugal, prototyping a sustainable way of living. Insights gained are shared with the community at large. Growing food, generating wind and solar power, keeping bees and purifying water – it’s all part of the off-grid learning experience.


At 5, we believe in harnessing the power of many to co-create a sustainable future – together. One Army is the perfect example of how this combined energy translates into action. That’s why 5 Media is teaming up with One Army as one of our Impact Partners, supporting them with grants over the next three years, and collaborating on joint projects and initiatives.

“What attracted us to One Army is how they are putting people at the heart of all that they do, building communities and sharing practical skills so we can join forces in protecting the planet.”
– Anne-Marie Hoeve, senior journalist, 5 Media

“We’re counting on people to bring about the necessary change. Small steps, multiplied by millions. That’s where we can win”

Dave Hakkens, One Army founder

Photo: Plastplan

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