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The great gift shift

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This holiday season we’re proud to present… a fresh take on giving. Because when it comes to showing that you care, nothing beats that one-of-a-kind, pre-loved find.

We all agree: gift-giving feels great – a beautiful chance to show someone how special we think they are. But with every item imaginable only a mouse click away, how to give something that’s truly personal? 

Simple… by keeping it close to home and choosing a gift with a story, a history

Because the perfect gift is already out there somewhere – maybe it’s some old-school vinyl at a local flea market, a floral tea set at that cute corner bric-a-brac shop, or what about your aunt’s silver filigree brooch, stuck in the back of your drawer, beautiful but unworn? They’re all valuable because they’re carefully chosen by you for someone you love.

Pre-loved, vintage, curated, antique or simply-second-hand – whatever you want to call it – let’s let go of the idea that a gift that matters has to be new and seek out the treasures already around us. And of course you can also gift an experience – something memorable you can do together.

Because it’s in choosing thoughtfully and consciously that we show that we care. About the people around us and about our planet too. 

Re-gifting stories from community members

— 29.11.2022

My favourite gift ever is an old Harry Belafonte record my dad gave me. We used to dance to Harry’s songs together – with me standing on dad’s feet. It’s one of my happiest childhood memories.

— 30.11.2022

For Christmas I’ve asked friends and family to send my daughter favourite items that no longer fit their kids. I love to see her in pieces that have been loved by people I know, and it’s always a great excuse to send a photo.

Sophie B.
— 28.11.2022

I once received a beautiful candle from a friend I share special memories with. Every time I light the candle I think of our adventures.

Willeke W.

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