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The Moment: How two filmmakers set out on a journey of hope in the Australian outback

Words: Anne-Marie Hoeve

Video: Alexander Lind

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What is it that turns regular people into changemakers? How does that happen? In this new video series, 5 zooms in on ‘The Moment’ when we decide to step up and do what we can to alter our current course. In this first episode we meet Tim Arnold and Sanne Kragten, who quit their jobs to document the struggles of farmers in the climate crisis.

Ever read a headline about the climate or the environment and wished that someone would do something? The scale of the challenges we’re facing can feel too big for us to have an impact as individuals. And so we read on and hope that someone who has more clout can make a difference. A big corporation. Or governments. Or policy-makers. Or any of the anonymous ‘others’ out there with more influence, knowledge, skills or power. But what if we all think that? 

And what happens if you do decide to see what you can achieve, regardless? It’s something that Tim Arnold and Sanne Kragten discovered when they decided to leave their secure, settled life to journey deep into the Australian outback. Their goal? To make a documentary series about farmers on the forefront of global warming. Inspired by rapidly changing climate conditions, they wanted to share resilient and positive stories to make climate change a communal action and spark positive action. “We believe that these stories can be the catalyst for change,” they say. 

Find out how they were able to turn their idea into a documentary series, in this video.

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