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In every organisation, and in every part of society, we need to adapt to the needs of a new age. Don’t believe us? We dare you to sign up and find out why! If you do believe us, please come along and learn how you can be part of it. Because the end of this story isn’t written yet.

With years of experience designing courses on climate literacy and transformation, the team behind Copenhagen-based Green Behavior have joined Imagine5 in a response to demand for continuing professional development for a time of great transformation. 

While the official climate targets are clear, the path to get us there is less so. But it will lead through humans – different yet so alike. Regardless of your place in our world’s many hierarchies, to be a changemaker you will have to lead through relations. Including how you relate to yourself.

This is where Imagine5’s ESG and climate transformation courses differ from others. We take the psychological dimension seriously. We acknowledge that culture, biology, actions and emotions are all connected, if we’re to approach true sustainability.

A Gordian knot that requires tailor-made methodologies in the form of easily convertible insights, strategic reimagining and relationally aware change design.

Sounds interesting?

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