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Come connect.
You are invited.

Come connect.
You are invited.



Curious about a brighter future? Year round, we offer ways to connect with, learn from and motivate you at our inspiring sustainability-themed events. Organised by us, or together with partners, because we believe there is a story to be told there.

Curious about a brighter future? Find others to connect with, learn from and motivate you at our inspiring sustainability-themed events.

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Hear from our community

The Netherlands — 28.06.2023

Thank you for the inspiration and creating new connections.

Gijs Boers
It’s Happening: An evening celebrating Amsterdam sustainable changemakers
The Netherlands — 30.03.2023

I am a dedicated clothing loop member & repair queen, but this workshop enabled me to introduce the mending to friends, and we’ll be gathering together on weekend nights to teach each other specific techniques in Castricum after this event.

Anna Broek
Fixing Fashion – Repair Workshop & Clothing Swap
Denmark — 16.03.2023

Thank you so much! I loved it! More of this please. Shout out to the great moderator of the evening, she made this feel like an evening with friends, so natural and authentic.

Julia Köhler
Seeds of Sound Concert
Denmark — 22.02.2023

A lot of input and a very smart way of engaging people in conversations by splitting up the panel. Probably the most well-structured event of this kind I’ve ever attended.

Anika Schneider
(Fashion) Circularity Screening & Panel
Denmark — 08.12.2022

Great way to start the day, nice breakfast and coffee. Interesting topic that I knew very little about. The speaker was an inspiring and quite impressive person. Spoke with interesting people on the sidelines of the event.

Thomas Delrive
High 5 Live
Denmark — 31.08.2022

We are a lot of strong impact-driven entrepreneurs and we can have a positive impact on the industries that we work in. Gathering sustainable change makers is important because we all struggle with various challenges in our journey and talking about and getting inspired by others’ solutions can really help keep us motivated.

Amie N´Dong
High 5 Dinner
Denmark — 31.08.2022

These activities are extremely important for fostering cross pollination of ideas and sparkle new collaborations. From a personal, level it is hard to quantify the impact of this event in such a short time. I can definitely say that I feel really motivated in supporting the development and growth of such great community.

Roberto Flore
High 5 Dinner
The Netherlands — 13.09.2022

To be fair that day I felt quite lonely in my work, as I work remotely in my team and this dinner showed me again what a great community is around me. I reminded me that there are people around us with same values and goals and that we can help each other out to achieve those goals.

Alicia Minnaard
High 5 Dinner
Denmark — 25.09.2022

The dinner was a great catalyser for further thinking on how to improve not only my personal relationship with food waste but also for a more systematic rethink of the roots of the problem of food waste in society.

Riccardo Lauro
Food Waste Dinner Party